SUB  SD




 *  Implantation of wool senior paper basin   

 *  High elastic fiber plucking  *  Bass hierarchy   * Autocratic design


Good quality must have required all woodiness sound box, don't ask; you better than I know how to enjoy

Wood material all belong to its music charm.

   The wooden box, the preferred

    material for subwoofer .

High quality MDF, sound tough heavy; eliminate Kai shock.

  Is a class HI-FI speaker, the preferred materials are widely used in home theater.


   Playback is Good .

 The horn sound; can bounce back and forth in the high density partition; especially the bass part; dive to achieve the best results; the vocals hierarchy


V series bass speaker for F3NT. It uses symmetric magnetic circuit, long stroke design, make the bass quality is improved. On bass quantity feeling size and push the volume of the air, pushing the volume is large, the bass quantity feeling is stronger. In the stroke are comparable, the vibration of the large membrane area can promote a greater volume of air, which is the relationship of diameter and volume where the sense of. In order to improve the quantity in the limited aperture inner sense, increase exercise stroke is a valid way, using symmetric magnetic circuit can improve the control ability of the speaker, the speaker makes sense of speed, strength and weight sense balance. This section of the diaphragm of the loudspeaker vibration film special R & D, from cotton woven, coated with a special coating, effectively improve the bass dynamics feeling and purity, distortion is also down to a lower level.


    JR- V3    uses sowangny's new 3 inch full  

  frequency loudspeaker unit, superior sound quality; 

  pearl white coating is particularlycolor, with unique bullet shape dustproofcover, concise and very dynamic.

Can be connected

to equipment


Excellent sound quality,

                 special quality

   Dynamic bass had strong

Rich functionality to meet various requirements




    *power Output:25W

                                  * Frequency Response :38Hz-20K Hz

                                      * Distortion :0.3% at  1W

                                         * S/N : >70dB

                                           * Separation : >45dB

                                           * Voltage : AC220-240V 50/60 HZ Function

                                           * Mute

                                           * lnput Selected

                                           * Selected To Adjust

                                           * ON/OFF Power Switch Speaker

                                           * Drive Units : 6.5''x1+3''x3+1.5''x3

                                           * lmpedance :8 ohm

                                           * USB  SD  lnput

                                           * weight : 9.3kg

  lnch: 410cmx392cmx450cm

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