HI-FI circuit design the whole frequency range, excellent replay balanced performance.

Remote Control.





The nature of music          delivery.   

Another way of trapezoidal appearance design is to break the stereotype of traditional design; the luxurious piano lacquer plate, in order to show fashion taste; new design of sound units, for the culmination of a climb to the top of the music. The advent of JR-X3, to fill the gaps in the end to the artistic expression of the speaker. Whether from the perspective of aesthetics, or from the performance of the sound interpretation, it will be the concept of the 3.1 boxes to a new height.

Unique trapezoidal box acoustic design, pure tone, shape highlight noble
The structure of the whole wooden box, effectively put an end to the box resonance and box sound
Phi 19 silk dome tweeter, high permeability delicate, excellent analytical

4 inch Nomex composite woofer, mellow flavor, phenomenal
The digital electronic frequency divider design based on the DSP processing circuit structure, the comprehensive performance is obviously improved
The front baffle design unique elevation, music positioning accuracy, the near field listening experience excellent

Adopt 6 inch large caliber bass unit, so that the bass strong shock

  •  The design of open type horn units unique, effectively reduce network interference and diffraction
    The integration of translucent surface net, exquisite workmanship, very be good to hear or see
    Special gold processing speakers, distinguished and elegant, especially for home environment



 *Power Output:25W

 *Frequency Response:38Hz-20KHz

 *Distortion:0.3% at 1W



 *VOLTAGE:AC220-240V 50/60Hz Function


 *Input selected

 *Selected TO Adjust

 *ON/OFF Power Switch Speaker

 *Drive Units :6.5''x1+3''x3+1.5''x3

 *lmpedance : 8 Ohm

 *USD SD lnput

 *Weight: 9.3kg


 *Inch : 425cmx368cmx326cm




         口 SILVER      口 BLACK

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