Focus on quality;          focus on quality .



     Ground booster type design.


  The low frequency playback effect is more outstanding.


    JERRY JR-W3 3.1 system, sound box with wooden box, the original maximum sound reduction, main box uses is 6 inch thick porcelain basin horn, ground booster type structure, strong bass is more powerful, in the high-frequency also more distinct, delicate and beautiful.

Uncompromising attention to detail, Neiwaijianxiu, luxury design that is JR-W3


  From the most simple, to do the best, to the sound quality of the -JR-W3 you want to listen .



         uses sowangny's new 3 inch full  

  frequency loudspeaker unit, superior sound quality; 

pearl white coating is particularlycolor, with unique bullet shape dustproofcover, concise and very dynamic.



                   JERRY W3 column loudspeaker uses all copper coil, enduring force stronger, to ensure that the sound is too large the speaker is not burned out. A good quality sound must be good material.

The audio interface for 3.5mm, can connect all the interface for 3.5mm audio equipment.



      *Power Output:25W

 *Frequency Response:38Hz-20KHz

 *Distortion:0.3% at 1W



 *VOLTAGE:AC220-240V 50/60Hz Function


 *Input selected

 *Selected TO Adjust

 *ON/OFF Power Switch Speaker

 *Drive Units :6.5''x1+3''x3+1.5''x3

 *lmpedance : 8 Ohm

 *USD SD lnput

 *Weight: 9.3kg


 *Inch : 425cmx368cmx326cm​

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