*  Implantation of wool senior paper basin   

 *  High elastic fiber plucking

  6 "woofer speaker if clear; shock; low frequency; the perfect present bass effect .


Good quality must have

required all woodiness

sound box, don't ask; you

 better than I know how to

 enjoy .


The wooden box, the preferred

material for subwoofer .


           Wood material all belong to its music charm.

High quality MDF, sound tough heavy; eliminate Kai shock.

  Is a class HI-FI speaker, the preferred materials are widely used in home theater.

   Playback is Good .


  The horn sound; can bounce back and forth in the high density partition; especially the bass part; dive to achieve the best results; the vocals hierarchy .


     FSeries uses sowangny's new 3 inch full  

  frequency loudspeaker unit, superior sound quality; 

  pearl white coating is particularlycolor, with unique bullet shape dustproofcover, concise and very dynamic.

3 "


     High power CCAW voice coil .


   The speaker uses blended elastic wave configuration .




               *power Output:25W

                                  * Frequency Response :38Hz-20K Hz

                                      * Distortion :0.3% at  1W

                                         * S/N : >70dB

                                           * Separation : >45dB

                                           * Voltage : AC220-240V 50/60 HZ Function

                                           * Mute

                                           * lnput Selected

                                           * Selected To Adjust

                                           * ON/OFF Power Switch Speaker

                                           * Drive Units : 6.5''x1+3''x3+1.5''x3

                                           * lmpedance :8 ohm

                                           * USB  SD  lnput

                                           * weight : 9.3kg

 inch: 400cmx380cmx325cm

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