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JR- N03

    Jerry's launch in 2015 JR-N03 Jerry power gives it more home style, more excellent acoustics


 design, a sense of full bass unit, high resolution treble unit, sound impressive, and integrated a


 variety of playback, bring the function more comprehensive presentation and entertainment more


comfortable enjoy, a 3.1 channel fully functional home theater system, it is worth you have.

         The design of the new upgrade, easy to integrate into the home environment

Are external amplifier, perception of vivid, intuitive control

High quality total wooden structure box, effectively eliminate the resonance

6.5. Bass speakers, low frequency surging shock

3/4 inch +3 inch midrange tweeter, pure sound of nature

Built in SD card, U digital audio decoder, supports WMA, MP3 and other commonly used audio format
Integrated FM functionality and radio memory storage
Support fiber optic signal input, suitable for home environment with TV, DVD
With earphone output, volume adjustable.
Built in digital mixer, stereo signal input can be switched according to the preferences of the virtual 3.1 output
Slim infrared remote control, easy remote control, easy to operate.
Full voltage power supply, enjoy the sound quality constant output.

Shape atmosphere, fashion, and the post-modern aesthetic;
Wooden box structure, effectively eliminate box resonance and box sound;
Phi 19 silk film tweeters, high frequency soft and delicate;
4 inches Nomex composite bass speakers, low-frequency shock powerful;
The advanced electronic frequency division design based on DSP, the transient response and the dynamic range of the processing is significantly improved;
Front inverted phase hole design, enhance the low frequency of the potential, conducive speaker placed;
Side adjustment and remote control design, control arbitrary;
Wide voltage design, music output is more stable;

In a sequence of 3.1 speakers and the structure of Bluetooth speakers, JERRY are masterpieces. And to say both the characteristics of the two cross-border, JR-N03 is still the first case of. The newly launched JR-N03 in the wood 3.1 on the box based on the increase of wireless Bluetooth features, with the excellent acoustic technology combined with convenient way of use, bring refreshing music experience for the user.

JR-N03 price is very outstanding and electroacoustic design mature, little electrical fault. Ding R1000TC North American version of the essence, JERRY launched the N03, the appearance becomes more refined, the improved power amplifier circuit, so that electrical performance is more stable, but also the quality of the more on a floor.
North American version of the continent's most classic multimedia speakers products, line


JR-N03 woofer speaker,3.1Home theater speaker system


Mute, input selected, selected to adjust, on/off power switch speaker, USB SD input

Power output


Drive Units


Frequency Response:


S/N Ratio





0.3% at 1 W






AC/DC AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 




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