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JR - O03
JR-O03 modeling simple, atmospheric, pure digital home cinema lineage
The whole wooden box body is constructed, effectively reducing box resonance and sound box.
120W super power, energy surging
8 inches loose paper basin speakers, large caliber, low-frequency powerful bully
3 inches mediant loudspeaker, if mellow flavor, warm stretch
3/4 inch wire film high speaker, high frequency soft natural
JR-o3 bass touch control display panel, visual information, convenient operation
Full function remote controller with convenient operation and comfort
Wide voltage design, steady output, safety guarantee



3 inches mediant loudspeaker, if flavor mellow, warm stretch

3/4 inch wire film high speaker, high frequency soft natural

 Low-key, steady huge subwoofer, tie-in high mirror processing satellite box

 delicate and not mere exaggeration; madden of low frequency surge, mellow

 and moving frequency, collocation downy elegant high frequency, tender and

 not mere flirtatious; energy powerful surround, match well of DSP digital

 power amplifier, playback precision and not mere quantity are piling up. POWERJERRY

 3.1 JR-O03 full core replacement upgrade, will be like the flame of passion wanton

 release, with the luxury lineup to re create a new home theater entertainment life.

Multi input, can choose to switch;
The design of the whole wooden box, the ground pressure and the bass gun;
Design of full - function control with digital display;
Full function infrared remote control to achieve free control;
Integrated SD card, U digital audio decoder, supports WMA, MP3 and other commonly used audio format;
Built in digital frequency divider, stereo signal input can be switched according to the preferences of virtual 3.1 output.
Built in 60W high-efficiency switching power supply, standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.
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JR-O03 woofer speaker,3.1Home theater speaker system


Mute, input selected, selected to adjust, on/off power switch speaker, USB SD input

Power output


Drive Units


Frequency Response:


S/N Ratio





0.3% at 1 W






AC/DC AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 





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