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Low-key, steady huge subwoofer, tie-in high mirror processing satellite box delicate 

and not mere exaggeration; madden of low frequency surge, mellow and moving

 frequency, collocation downy elegant high frequency, tender and not mere flirtatious;

 energy powerful surround, match well of DSP digital power amplifier, playback

 precision and not mere quantity are piling up. Upgrading new Edifier Digital 5.1 home

 theater system JR-5505, a full core, be like the flame of passion wanton release, luxury

 lineup to re create new home cinema entertainment life.

Independent frequency division of the satellite box, sound playback is real, superior performance
The new DSP architecture digital power amplifier system, the high-frequency and low-frequency independent control, voice reduction is real, efficient
Built in support of Dolby digital, Dolby PrologicII and DTS digital decoder, the pinnacle of the hearing to enjoy
The function of large size LCD display remote control, more professional demeanor

An exclusive R & D 3.5 inch composite cloth basin mediant 

loudspeaker, if cotton thick, flavor, such as silk spread audiophile 25mm,

 neodymium iron boron ball top tweeters, delicate and soft to deep vein

The heavy bass cannon, the big power is stable like rock, the pursuit of pure quality
The design of the satellite box is exquisite and elegant, and the spray paint technology of the high - ray air - face net is matched with spray - Spray Technology,Simple shape, atmosphere, pure digital home cinema lineage
The whole wooden box body is constructed, effectively reducing box resonance and sound box.
120W super power, energy surging

 Enjoy movie surround sound, 5.1 channel system - left,

middle, right and two surround sound placed in both

sides of the room. The bass speakers are low frequency

effect and low frequency supply, so you can enjoy the

movie surround sound at the suit home

JR -5505 magnetic belt type loudspeaker technology is the most leading tweeter technology of the market, it has more flat frequency response, higher pressure, fast transient response speed and smaller distortion, issued to sound more clear and natural, transparent knot like more rich administrative levels.

 About JR-5505 lound speakers  product

1.High definition Home Theater

2.Professional multimedia speaker system.

3.Feature-rich, a variety of sound patterns: Rock, Classic, Bass, Live, Normal

4.Designed for USB/SD/FM/PC/Home Theater.

5.Amazing good voice and powered bass come from the Acoustic Sound System.

6.Pursuit of quality, reveals the powerful

7.AM/FM Stereo Radio function and Karaoke function integrated.

8.Wooden housing provides ideal acoustical cavity.

9.Mic King sound, the perfect present, beyond your imagination

10.Planning Phnom Penh spray

11.New 3 inch full frequency louder-speaker unit ,superior sound quality; pearl particularly color, with unique bullet shape dustproof cover, cc and very dynamic

12.More music surprise only you personally to Pin



FM Radio home theater with DVD

One Box, One Cinema

VSM(Virtual Sound Matrix)/XTS Pro(excellent True Sound Pro)/USB PLUS( MP3,WMA JPEG. Video files Playability)

Portable Audio in (conneclible with portable audio product)

Semi Karaoke Function: 1.MIC. INPUTS, Score&Fanfare

Prograssive Scan

 Total 3000w output power

Built-in FM/AM Tuner

Divx Playback












3'' x5

Output power




Connect with


S/N Ratio


Power supply



subwoofer 45.2x30x49.2cm;

Loudspeaker: 126.5x36x18.2cm


color box; 1set/box;


a remote ; a user manual ; a AV cable



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