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 JR - D03

JR-D03 power Jerry is a 3.1 style desktop theater speaker system, but also the first chip with a microcomputer digital control, digital display, infrared remote control and other new technologies. From the cabinet design, the speaker of the selection, the remote control of change, circuit and careful arrangement, to the microcontroller programming, the choice of the power amplifier circuit, every step embodies the cruiser "meticulous, people-oriented" design concept.
The design of the new upgrade, easy to integrate into the home environment
Are external amplifier, perception of vivid, intuitive control
High quality total wooden structure box, effectively eliminate the resonance
6.5. Bass speakers, low frequency surging shock
3/4 inch +3 inch midrange tweeter, pure sound of nature
Built in SD card, U digital audio decoder, supports WMA, MP3 and other commonly used audio format
Integrated FM functionality and radio memory storage
Support fiber optic signal input, suitable for home environment with TV, DVD
With earphone output, volume adjustable.
Built in digital mixer, stereo signal input can be switched according to the preferences of the virtual 3.1 output
Slim infrared remote control, easy remote control, easy to operate.
Full voltage power supply, enjoy the sound quality constant output.
External power amplifier design, front full function adjustment, so that more convenient to control the volume, the volume control has a blue aperture, highly technology. Use 7 inches large caliber bass speakers, low speakers use wooden structure, and the ground pressurized design, so that the bass performance shocking amazing. The satellite box also uses the wooden structure, three inch unit is lets the human voice performance more outstanding. Dual input at the same time, let X3 can link 2 sets of source, and the output of the pre Headset, the use is more flexible and convenient.

 Power amplifier total external design
Stereo feeling lifelike reproduction, deeper bass
6 inches large speakers, bass shock
Original ground boost bass gun design
Wooden low sound box, effectively put an end to resonance and box sound
The wooden box satellite, sound more mellow
Front panel adjustment, adjust and control handy
Volume control with blue aperture, dreamlike
Dual input, headphone output

Excellent built-in digital mixer, stereo surround sound easy 


Two frequency divider design of the satellite box, sound 

moving, sound field positioning ideal

Satellite high mirror panel with thin hollow net, exquisite 

appearance, taste first-class


JR-        D03 woofer speaker,3.1Home theater speaker system




Compatible with FM Radio, VFD Display, USB SD Input

Full function remote control


Power output


Frequency Response:


S/N Ratio





0.3% at 1 W


AC/DC AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 

Carton size


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