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JR - Q3

JR-Q3 a focus in family 3.1 speaker system, as the R series products of the effort to, JR-Q3 continuation of the Jerry power Jr product characteristics of high cost, full of shock sound, the design of the multi input and control function to create a new home theater speaker system. From the design of the box, the remote control of the change to the diversification of the input, each detail reflects the JERRY excellence in production concept.

Jerrypower released Q3 JR- products, re 

definition of Bluetooth audio, and led the

 development of high-end wireless portable audio

 market. After a lapse of six months, the cruiser

 launched advanced Jr MKII version, it inherited

 the magic brick series of excellent sound and

 perfect quality and in many practical functions

 were enhanced and upgraded, for users to offer a

 closer to perfect Bluetooth portable audio products!

The overall shape of the atmosphere, the details of the lovely
The structure of the whole wooden bass, effectively put an end to the box and sound box.
Subwoofer design original low ground pressure, even the world's best
The industrial design of the front inverted phase hole is excellent, which can effectively improve the low frequency quality.
Integrated molding of the satellite box, elegant, easy to display
The satellite box uses the professional small elevation angle processing, the near field listens for a better experience
High integration side adjustment panel, control experience comfortable
Multi input, can choose to switch;
The design of the whole wooden box, the ground pressure and the bass gun;
Design of full - function control with digital display;
Full function infrared remote control to achieve free control;
Integrated SD card, U digital audio decoder, supports WMA, MP3 and other commonly used audio format;
Built in digital frequency divider, stereo signal input can be switched according to the preferences of virtual 5.1 output.
Built in 60W high-efficiency switching power supply, standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.



JR-Q3 woofer speaker,3.1Home theater speaker system




Compatible with FM Radio, VFD Display, USB SD Input

Full function remote control


Power output


Frequency Response:


S/N Ratio





0.3% at 1 W


AC/DC AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 

Carton size



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