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   Jerry power JR-x0 3 is a focus in family 3.1 speaker system, as Jr series products of the effort to, J.R. x0 3 continuation of the characteristics of the high cost of Jerry pwerJR class products, to shock the full sound, the design of the multi input and control function to create a new home theater speaker system. From each box body design, remote control of the change to the input mode of diversification, every detail reflects the production concept of rambler excellence.
Miniaturized home theater system
PU paint decoration, minimalist design, can better integrate home environment
There are many kinds of hanging modes in satellite box, and can be suspended or fixed by bracket.
Digital control mode
20 independent satellite box volume can be adjusted, the treble Alto gain 14 stage adjustment
With remote control, can complete all operation
Total power 120W, the effect of shock
6 inch aluminum sound circle speakers, bass surging
Remote control design, to prevent the slide into the mattress, sofa and other gaps
Multi input, can choose to switch;
The design of the whole wooden box, the ground pressure and the bass gun;
Design of full - function control with digital display;
Full function infrared remote control to achieve free control;
Integrated SD card, U digital audio decoder, supports WMA, MP3 and other commonly used audio format;
Built in digital frequency divider, stereo signal input can be switched according to the preferences of virtual 3.1 output.
Built in 60W high-efficiency switching power supply, standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.
6 inches loose paper basin speakers, large caliber, low-frequency powerful bully
3 inches mediant loudspeaker, if mellow flavor, warm stretch
Double click here to add textThree signal independent input, signal switching fast and convenient
Bass touch control display panel, visual information, convenient operation
Full function remote controller with convenient operation and comfort
Wide voltage design, steady output, safety guarantee


JR-X03 woofer speaker,3.1Home theater speaker system


Mute, input selected, selected to adjust, on/off power switch speaker, USB SD input

Power output


Drive Units


Frequency Response:


S/N Ratio





0.3% at 1 W






AC/DC AC220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 



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