R5 uses sowangny's new 3 inch full frequency loudspeaker unit, superior sound quality; pearl white coating is particularlycolor, with unique bullet shape dustproofcover, concise and very dynamic.


   Large power stronger


    JR - R5


Mic king as hi, beyond imagination,

 large power stronger .

Adopt imported amplifier

chip, superior performance;

quality assurance .




   * VFD Displa         *  USB SD lnput        Full Funcion Remote Control  

   *  Power Output : 40 W + 15 w x 2CH            *  Frepuency Response : 20Hz~ 20KHz

         *  Distorition :0.3% at 1W                                *  S/N :> 70dB

         *  Separtion :>45dB                                 *  Voltagel:  AC 220V ~ 240V   50Hz/60Hz

         *   Carton  size : 500cm x 370cm x 330cm

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