JR- Y5


   The 6 inch long stroke woofer exclusive custom, bass retractable; bass dive deep does not see the bottom; the amount of sense; show perfect bass texture .


 *  Implantation of wool senior paper basin   

 *  High elastic fiber plucking

HI-FI circuit design the whole frequency range,

 excellent replay balanced performance.

Class D digital amplifier, low power

 consumption, high efficiency

  Y5 used in high-end audio on the commonly used digital class D amplifier, small size, and high efficiency, low power consumption, control of sound is more accurate, more accuratesound reduction.


JR-Y5 internal horn tweeter


    * Reduction of audio effects without aphonia

  * Also has the "Ribbon" than ordinary

bass radiation system shock 3 times the

 ultra realistic bass

  * 3 inches tweeter bright sweet .
The level of clear glabrous tingling .

     * Alto meat thick perfect deduce vocal details .

Retro classic design

Acoustics design, sound debugging

classic presentation

         JR- Y5


                                                      *   With FM Radio


                                                  * VFD Display


                                                          *  USB SD lnput        Full Funcion Remote Control  


                                                    *  Power Output : 40 W + 15 w x 2CH

                                              *  Frepuency Response : 20Hz~ 20KHz

                                         *  Distorition :0.3% at 1W

                                    *  S/N :> 70dB 

                               *  Separtion :>45dB 

                          *  Voltagel:  AC 220V ~ 240V   50Hz/60Hz


                         *   Inch : 485cmx386cmx332cm

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