Two times zoom image display mode
Widescreen 16:9 and common 4:3, can be 1 times magnification, 2 timesmagnified image display mode. More easily watch.
 Effect of super strength tough! 




1920 X 1080

"The proportion of the screen:


* visual angle:

Left: 176 degrees up and down: 165 degrees

"The sales market:

China, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Russia, Africa etc.

* menu language:

Chinese / English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese (ten total)

* screen response time:

3 ms (MS)

* LED refresh rate:

60HZ (: 100HZ, and 120HZ)

* backlight life:

60000 hours (basically is 10 years)

* contrast:


* sound power amplifier

2 x 8W (12) (THD+N< 10%)



* color standard system


* sound system

BG, DK, I, L/L ', M/N

"Sound effect:

NICAM stereo, selection, cinemas and many other effects

* image display mode:

Widescreen 16:9, common 4:3, 1 times, 2 times magnification zoom

"Picture in picture, multi screen function:


* picture function:


* storage channel number:


* support video:

Television TV, DVD interface (AV), computer VGA, multimedia USB

"The button:

On the right side of the 7 key

* support audio function:

Earphone, headphone output, speaker output input

* special function:

USB card reading function: MP3, MP4, digital camera pictures (movie video format: RMVB, RM, MPEG, MPG, VAI, MP4 etc.)

* power requirements:

* working voltage:

The family of normal input voltage 220V. Range: 190V-250V

* power:


* power mode:

Support the low power mode, standby mode

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