• Workshop type businesses audio industry what to rely on to enhance grade


    The production of small scale, poor facilities, specializing in the production of low-grade, low-priced products companies known as the workshop type businesses. As the workshop type enterprises, its history and development of China's market economy as long. Although the ups and downs, but in our country there are still a large number of workshop type enterprises. In the sound and lighting industry is no exception and more, this is because the sound and lighting industry access threshold is not high.

  • The HIFI sound system composed of knowledge to explain


    The Hi-Fi sound system can be divided into integrated, set type and combination type from the structure. One type of sound system is all the functions of the equipment and a loudspeaker in an enclosure, can not be opened, this kind of machine is generally low-grade popular type machine. Set audio system is designed by the manufacturer, will be a variety of equipment single match between sets, each unit can be taken apart. Sound combinations, according to personal preferences to choose various types of equipment, free combination.

  • How to choose home theater speaker


    How to choose the sound family cinema? The formation process of home theater, each part has to be selected, the most important thing is to be with a seamless heavenly robe, so as to reach the best state, then in the form of how to select the audio home theater?

  • Home theater audio equipment using ten taboo


    Equipment will be put into the ark. There are people out of decorative and protective equipment will be put into the custom closet, latent vibration this will caused because of the space in the cabinet to make the sound muddy, amplifiers and other equipment because there is not enough air circulation, prone to overheating, aging. As the speaker into the wall, will make the sound effect becomes blunt.

  • Ten big problems easily neglected sound system


    For music lovers, there is a set of sound system of their own, and the loudspeaker system -- speaker, quality to the replay sound and play a decisive role, so in the choice of speaker, will rack one's brains, but apart from the technical indicators are relatively sound box and sound evaluation, a sound box and some ordinary people ignore the problem, but not a small relationship and replay sound effect.

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